Gammon One-Name-Study website back in operation

Finally, I once again have a website for my Gammon One Name Study with the Guild of One Name Studies. Back in 2014, my AWS Drupal and WordPress instances died, and I was not able to get things going again.

Luckily, the bright people at the Guild of One Name Studies thought it would be a good idea if they were able to host websites for their members. It is one of the goals of the Guild, to publish all research results. So, the Guild Member Website Project was born.

At first, only HTML websites, WordPress & Wikimedia based websites & ones created using TNG were supported by the project. When I recently read that Drupal was available, I set about resurrecting my old Drupal site from backups. And here it is:

Gammon One Name Study Website

The process to get it up and running again was quite involved, so I will blog about that separately. Today, I added the last family group page, and then checked and corrected all the links and added back some missing images on this blog. Hopefully I am now back where I was in 2014, with everything working.

My Debian work for the last year

Unbelievable! It has been nearly a year since my last post. Lets try and rectify that tardiness. First I will try and sum up all my Debian work over the last year.

  • Javascript Team
    • For the Open Layers 3 effort in the Debian GIS Team, I helped by packaging, Bluebird dependencies, Browserify dependencies & node-tape dependencies.
    • I also began packaging dependencies for Mapbox Studio.
    • Here is a mostly complete list of the node packages I packaged or adopted for the above work:
      • node-cross-spawn
      • node-cli-table
      • node-convert-source-map
      • node-coffeeify
      • node-inline-source-map
      • node-minimist
      • node-os-tmpdir
      • node-tmp
      • node-typedarray
      • node-cross-spawn-async
      • node-process-nextick-args
      • node-util-deprecate
      • node-string-decoder
      • node-isarray
      • node-core-util-is
      • node-concat-stream
      • node-isstream
  • Collab Maint
    • Gramps upgraded to 4.1.2, then 4.1.3, 4.2.0, 4.2.1, and 4.2.2
      • I also wrote my first autopkgtest of the Gramps command line options
    • Abcmidi was updated several times
    • Created a new goocanvas-2.0 package
    • Adopted goocanvas
    • Packaged dominate (this is a new dependency for Creepy in the GIS Team)
  • GIS Team
    • Packaged netcdf-python
    • Updated osmgpsmap
    • Helped with netcdf transition by testing reverse dependencies
    • Helped package netcdf-cxx-legacy, netcdf-cxx & netcdf-fortran
    • Worked on creepy here and there (mainly testing patches for Petter)
    • Started packaging node-kosmtik dependencies (did node-leaflet-hash & node-leaflet-formbuilder)
    • Updated GIS Policy with a section on how to update the policy
    • Updated GIS Policy with a tidy up of the section on setting up a build environment
  • Multimedia Team
    • Maintaining the Multimedia Blends tasks
    • Reviewed new ntk package
    • Reviewed new qxgedit package
    • Tested, investgated upstream, and then removed gmtk, gnome-mplayer & gecko-mediaplayer from the archive as they were not in good shape and unmaintained upstream.
    • Moved pmidi from experimental to unstable
    • Updated multimedia-blends metapackage
    • Updated sfarklib
    • Created new photography, animation, broadcast metapackages, and renamed the timestretching one to audio-utilities
    • Took over the autotalent package from Alessio
  • Mentors
    • Reviewed the packaging for python-instagram
  • Python Modules Team
    • Did 4 NMUs for the python-support removal effort
    • Team Upload of tweepy to fix RC bug

Another connection to the MARK Family Tree found

On the Rootsweb message board, I recently tried to help with a query about James Prickett GAMMON, who seems to go missing in London in the early 1900s. I wasn’t able to help much with the disappearance, but using the information from this contact, I was able to connect James Prickett GAMMON back into the MARK family tree, in Oystermouth, Glamorganshire, Wales. I am currently gathering a list of Gammon entries in the Glamorgan parish registers, and hope to publish an update to the MARK family group page soon.