CHAR, WILL, TIVE & MAID Trees transferred from old website

Will the laptop all charged up again, I have transferred the rest of my English trees from the old website. Now I need an “eye break”. Here are the links:


You will notice my menu needs restructuring after adding so many trees!

Update 26.1.17: On the new GoONS website with Drupal 8, the menus look okay (although I have not checked from a mobile device). I have also added a side menu which gives access to the Family Groups via a “Place” categorisation.


WILL Tree Added

I have just added a new tree after receiving information about a marriage in Barnstaple, Devon. The tree goes back to a William Gammon in Shirwell, Devon but I need to verify the Parish Registers for him. Then I should be able to add many more names from my database that I have received from other researchers.

Check the family out here:
WILL Family Group