Photos of Alexander & Jane Raeper added

Thanks to an email from Jim Logan, I now have copies of birth and marriage certificates for Mary Duncan Raeper (b1908).
I have added some of this information to the website.
Jim also sent scanned photos of Alexander Raeper and Jane (Stewart). These are great photos and I have added them to the site.
Thanks Jim!

Alexander Raeper (b1869)

The Family of Alexander Raeper added!

I have spent the last few weeks working on my second great grandfather’s family and pulling a bit more information together. In particular, I found his son (Alexander) was listed on the Commonwealth War Graves website. Apparently he died in a POW camp and his grave is in Germany. Will have to drive past there on my next German holiday!

 A trip to The National Archives in Kew was my birthday present to myself. Here, I tracked down the dates that the Raepers all emigrated out to Australia.