The Family of Alexander Raeper added!

I have spent the last few weeks working on my second great grandfather’s family and pulling a bit more information together. In particular, I found his son (Alexander) was listed on the Commonwealth War Graves website. Apparently he died in a POW camp and his grave is in Germany. Will have to drive past there on my next German holiday!

 A trip to The National Archives in Kew was my birthday present to myself. Here, I tracked down the dates that the Raepers all emigrated out to Australia.

3 thoughts on “The Family of Alexander Raeper added!

  1. My name is Alison Raeper, grand-daughter of John Gordon Raeper. My grandfather told me that Alex cheated about his age and joined up with the 1st Battalion of Gordon Highlanders, went to France, Battle of Mons in 1914. He was wounded and taken prisoner to Sennelager in Germany and died in 1915 from his injuries. Also regarding the rest of the family, John remained in Aberdeen and married and had three sons. His sister Meg went to Australia and died in childbirth aged 36 years. Bella went out there to look after the baby, got married. Mary also went there but died after surgery on her stomach, don’t know her age. Other sisters Jeannie and Nan lived in Aberdeen.


  2. Hi Alison,Good to find another 2nd cousin! I will check your information to make sure it is all in my database. I thought I would start by publishing all of the Great-Grandparents because one of my Grandparents is still going strong. I think I would be safe with the Raepers though, so keep an eye on the website. If you need to email me, follow the links to my Gammon One Name Study and there is an email address there.RossGammon


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