GUYMON Family Added

Thanks to Julie Gammons convincing Reed Guymon that it was a good idea, we now have some DNA evidence that Guymon may be linked to the Gammon name. Reed’s closest match was to me, although the probabilities show that it was probably up to 20 generations back that we would find the connection. Here are the results so far from the Gammon DNA project:

Gammon DNA Project

So far Reed and his fellow researchers have take the tree back to William GUYMAN who was possibly born about 1727, and lived at Stokes, North Carolina, USA.

Here is some more information on the main website:

Guymon Family Group

Are some Gammons really Guymons?

Julie (who’s husband’s grandfather recently took a DNA test, see: recently got back in touch with a very interesting query:

“I was wondering if you had any other matches or information linking you to anyone else in the United States.  We are awaiting results of another person that we have been in contact with who has ancestors that lived nearby.  Their ancestor’s name was listed as Gammon, Gammons, and then later Guymon.  The Guymon name has stuck with that line.  We are wondering if this is our link, as tradition says that a William Guymon and wife Elizabeth Curry, sailed over from possibly England or Ireland.  It was said that William died at sea during the trip, and his wife was pregnant with Isaiah (the one we saw listed first as Gammon).  He ended up living with his Uncle Malcolm Curry in Stokes County, NC.  Not sure of any of this, but we’ll see if they turn up as a match.”

I am pretty sure that I have also collected the Guymon name when I have come across it, but I will make sure that I definitely do from now on, just in case!!

Can any readers of this blog confirm this theory or add any further light?