SYNT Tree from Canada

Just like London buses, I have not had many contacts from Canadian Gammons, and then two come along all at once!

I don’t have much information about Cindy Parke’s family yet, but I thought I would get a head start and publish what she emailed me in the first email. Interestingly, her father always said that he had German roots. This is the first time I have heard this about a Gammon family, so I would love to try and find out more.

Here is the tiny bit of info at the main website:

SYNT Family Group


PETA Family Tree from Canada

A very quick post to say that I have been contacted by Phillip Gammon who lives in Canada and would love to find more information on his GAMMON family.

I have quickly entered the first information he gave me and uploaded it to the main website: PETA Family Group

Hopefully I will get more information from Phillip about his family soon.

GUYMON Family Added

Thanks to Julie Gammons convincing Reed Guymon that it was a good idea, we now have some DNA evidence that Guymon may be linked to the Gammon name. Reed’s closest match was to me, although the probabilities show that it was probably up to 20 generations back that we would find the connection. Here are the results so far from the Gammon DNA project:

Gammon DNA Project

So far Reed and his fellow researchers have take the tree back to William GUYMAN who was possibly born about 1727, and lived at Stokes, North Carolina, USA.

Here is some more information on the main website:

Guymon Family Group