CLIVE — The Gammon One-Name Study

CLIVE admin Sun, 07/29/2018 – 08:34 Related Image Oldest Ancestor of Family Group Gammon, William Henry Earliest known date for Oldest Ancestor b. estimated 1874 Origin of Family Group Georgeham, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom Back in 2010 (and again in 2012), a fellow Guild of One Name Studies research sent me an email with…

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WARW — The Gammon One-Name Study

WARW admin Sat, 07/21/2018 – 14:21 Related Image Oldest Ancestor of Family Group Ellen Beatrice Gammon Earliest known date for Oldest Ancestor b. approx 1888 Origin of Family Group Pamington, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire After being sent a transcription from the Leamington Courier of an obituary by another Guild of One Name Studies member, I…

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BUSH Family Group Added

I am just back from my Christmas holidays. Whilst I was away, I found a little bit of time here and there to process some old GoONS Newspaper Watch entries that had been sent to me over the years.

This one is for a Gammons family in Bedfordshire, UK. It starts with Benjamin C Gammons (b. 1922). His mother had Wiles as a surname. I am sure to find a connection with my other Bedfordshire trees, but unfortunately, there were two marriages between Gammons/Wiles in Bedfordshire in the same year. I need to get more detailed information about both those marriages before I can proceed further.

BUSH Family Group

DENZ Family Group added

I received a Funeral Notice from another GoONS member recently, and pulled together as much of Denzil Raymond Gammons’s family as I could. More information can be found on my Gammon One Name website:

DENZ admin Sun, 08/20/2017 – 15:29 Related Image Oldest Ancestor of Family Group Denzil Raymond GAMMONS Earliest known date for Oldest Ancestor September 1919 Origin of Family Group Peterborough, England, UK Thanks to the GoONS Newswatch Project, I received a copy of the Funeral Notice for Denzil (Ray) Gammons from the Herts Advertiser. I managed…

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BASI Tree Added

After another Guild Newswatch watcher sent me a thank you notice after the funeral of Lilian May Gammon in the Basingstoke Gazette, I quickly pulled together another family tree. Although I am not 100% sure, Lilian’s husband Dennis seems to be from a family that I traced back to Swingfield in Kent.You can find more information here:

BASI Family Group

BREN Family Tree Added

Thanks to a Guild of One Name Studies newswatch watcher, I received a copy of a funeral notice in the Billericay & Wickford Gazette of 14 Nov 2012 today. Using the names mentioned in the notice, I was able to pull together a small family tree. Phyllis Evelyn GAMMON passed away recently in Brentwood, Essex. Her husband was Frederick C B (Beau) GAMMON who was born in Reigate, Surrey, England. Only the names appear in the published family tree because the people concerned are still living. She was 96 years old when she died. My condolences to the family. If anyone has more information about Beau and his parents, I would be glad to hear from you.

There is not much more information on the main GAMMON site, but you can find a link there to the family tree I published:

BREN Family Group