BOB Tree Transferred from the old website

The final tree to be transferred from the old website is an American one. This is the link:


Now all I have to do is import all of the transferred trees from my old family history software to Gramps, and cross check all of the sources with my index. This will take some time.


LLAN & NEAH trees transferred from the old website

I have just transferred two trees from Wales to the new website. Looking at the again, I am sure there must be a connection to at least one of the trees I have recently been working on! Here are the links:


CHAR, WILL, TIVE & MAID Trees transferred from old website

Will the laptop all charged up again, I have transferred the rest of my English trees from the old website. Now I need an “eye break”. Here are the links:


You will notice my menu needs restructuring after adding so many trees!

Update 26.1.17: On the new GoONS website with Drupal 8, the menus look okay (although I have not checked from a mobile device). I have also added a side menu which gives access to the Family Groups via a “Place” categorisation.


HOWES Family Tree transferred from old website

Unfortunately my laptop battery is about to expire. That means that this is the last transfer of the night!

This is the HOWES family tree from King’s Ripton, Huntingdonshire, England:

HOWSE Family Group


PETER Tree transferred from old website

Tonight I am getting the chance to work on the laptop, and transfer a few trees from the old website which will eventually be decommissioned.

This one is a tree from Rye, Sussex in England:

PETER Family Group


STEP tree transferred from old website

I have now transferred another Kent (England) family group from the old website to the new one:

STEP Family Grpoup