My Debian work for the last year

Unbelievable! It has been nearly a year since my last post. Lets try and rectify that tardiness. First I will try and sum up all my Debian work over the last year.

  • Javascript Team
    • For the Open Layers 3 effort in the Debian GIS Team, I helped by packaging, Bluebird dependencies, Browserify dependencies & node-tape dependencies.
    • I also began packaging dependencies for Mapbox Studio.
    • Here is a mostly complete list of the node packages I packaged or adopted for the above work:
      • node-cross-spawn
      • node-cli-table
      • node-convert-source-map
      • node-coffeeify
      • node-inline-source-map
      • node-minimist
      • node-os-tmpdir
      • node-tmp
      • node-typedarray
      • node-cross-spawn-async
      • node-process-nextick-args
      • node-util-deprecate
      • node-string-decoder
      • node-isarray
      • node-core-util-is
      • node-concat-stream
      • node-isstream
  • Collab Maint
    • Gramps upgraded to 4.1.2, then 4.1.3, 4.2.0, 4.2.1, and 4.2.2
      • I also wrote my first autopkgtest of the Gramps command line options
    • Abcmidi was updated several times
    • Created a new goocanvas-2.0 package
    • Adopted goocanvas
    • Packaged dominate (this is a new dependency for Creepy in the GIS Team)
  • GIS Team
    • Packaged netcdf-python
    • Updated osmgpsmap
    • Helped with netcdf transition by testing reverse dependencies
    • Helped package netcdf-cxx-legacy, netcdf-cxx & netcdf-fortran
    • Worked on creepy here and there (mainly testing patches for Petter)
    • Started packaging node-kosmtik dependencies (did node-leaflet-hash & node-leaflet-formbuilder)
    • Updated GIS Policy with a section on how to update the policy
    • Updated GIS Policy with a tidy up of the section on setting up a build environment
  • Multimedia Team
    • Maintaining the Multimedia Blends tasks
    • Reviewed new ntk package
    • Reviewed new qxgedit package
    • Tested, investgated upstream, and then removed gmtk, gnome-mplayer & gecko-mediaplayer from the archive as they were not in good shape and unmaintained upstream.
    • Moved pmidi from experimental to unstable
    • Updated multimedia-blends metapackage
    • Updated sfarklib
    • Created new photography, animation, broadcast metapackages, and renamed the timestretching one to audio-utilities
    • Took over the autotalent package from Alessio
  • Mentors
    • Reviewed the packaging for python-instagram
  • Python Modules Team
    • Did 4 NMUs for the python-support removal effort
    • Team Upload of tweepy to fix RC bug

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