John Gammons (b. about 1813, NC) – DNA Match!

Julie Gammons has been in touch to say that her husband’s grandfather’s DNA (William Clyde Gammons) is a very good match to my own. Even though our known ancestors lived on opposite sides of “the pond”, it is likely that we are distant cousins!

Here is what FamilyTreeDNA’s analysis states:

In comparing Y-DNA37 markers, which show 4 mismatches, the probability that Mr. Ross Edwin Gammon and Mr. William Clyde Gammons shared a common ancestor within the last…


…4 generations is 4.65%.
…8 generations is 30.48%.
…12 generations is 62.39%.
…16 generations is 83.63%.
…20 generations is 93.88%.
…24 generations is 97.95%.

MINE Family Tree Added

I have been working the last few weeks to get my new website up and running using Drupal. Yesterday, I finished tidying up my own family tree information in Gramps and uploaded it to my web server (hence the title of this tree is MINE!). Today, after returning from a day at the beach, I have tidied up the presentation a little bit in Drupal.

So this is my family tree, and it starts with Richard Gammon, who was born sometime around 1778 in Berrynarbor, Devonshire, England. I have actually taken the family further back, but I need some more time to double check my records etc. before I will publish the rest.

Check it out here: Richard Gammon, born approximately 1778, Berrynarbor, Devonshire, England (MINE Family Group).

If you think you are connected to this tree then please get in touch!