Open Source Contributions – April & May 2016

Due to holidays in London, and planning next the next one, the 1604 Ubuntu Studio (Xenial) release, doing the documentation to become an Ubuntu Member (most of which I have separately blogged about), and a recent stretch of fantastic weather in Denmark, I have not been so productive in the last two months. But here is some of the stuff I managed to get done, or at least started on.

Ubuntu Studio:

  • Dropped the redundant ubuntustudio-sounds package from ubuntustudio-look package and left for Kaj to upload. Then submitted a removal bug.
  • Changed the Ubuntu Studio seeds to use the new Debian Multimedia puredata metapackage, instead of having to manually add new puredata packages.
  • After the Xenial release, prepared the package tracker ready for Yakkety appliaction testing.
  • Updated the Ubuntu Studio backports list with the priority packages that we want to keep the LTS releases up to date with.
  • Improved the Ubuntu Studio backports wiki so that others can join in to help with the work.
  • Started the process to backport Ardour to Xenial and Trusty. Had to change the packaging for the Trusty backport, due to the automatic debug package migration options not being recognised in Trusty.


  • Uploaded the latest Gramps release (4.2.3), including providing a patch to update the appdata.xml file to the latest specification.
  • Continued helping to mentor Lucio Carreras with trying to package the sayonara media player application for the Debian Multimedia Team.
  • Sebastian Ramacher was working on an upload of the latest idjc package which needed the latest version of libshout-idjc. So I uploaded this to help out.
  • The was discussion (#825186) about which tasks from the Debian Multimedia blend to include in a new option in the Debian Installer. Hopefully Debian Stretch will be the first release where users can select which blends to install as part of the normal installation process.

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