My contributions to Ubuntu – March 2016

In preparation for the Ubuntu Studio 1604 (Xenial) release coming up in April, I was very busy testing ISO images (1st Beta and Final Beta), confirming the bugs picked up by the testers, and trying my best to get them fixed.

Here is a run-down:

  • Imagemagick – There were two bugs to do with the Ubuntu Studio menu. Firstly, there were two entries for Imagemagick in the menu, and only one of them had the icon displayed. Secondly, none of the options actually worked. After selecting them, nothing happened. I discovered upstream in Debian, that the issue of the two icons was known about, and had actually been fixed by completely restructuring the imagemagick binary packages in the version uploaded to Debian Experimental. As the maintainer stated that the experimental version is not yet ready for mainstream, we could not sync this version to Ubuntu. In addition, there was no fix to the issue that nothing happened when selecting the menu item anyway. I prepared a fix which disabled the 2nd desktop file, and set “Terminal=True” in the other desktop file. I had to re-base this patch several times on top of other fixes for Imagemagick that went through. Unfortunately, the patch has not been sponsored yet, and will not be in the Xenial release. I will have to try and get it included in a SRU after the release. At least I managed to remove the duplicate menu item in our ubuntustudio-menu package, and this was uploaded by Kaj Ailomaa.
  • Qjackctl – I continued with Len Ovens and Dmitry Shachnev to work on a problem when the option to use Qjackctl from the system tray resulted in the icon not being shown, then menu not working, and if the option to “minimise to the system tray” was chosen, everything would freeze until Qjackctl was killed. Installing appmenu-qt5 made the icon appear, but it was not animated, and the menu was blank. I forwarded information from Dmitry upstream to Qjackctl.
  • Gladish – Gladish had been removed from the Ubuntu Studio seeds earlier because of an unresolvable conflict between the python-enum package and python-enum34. Python-laditools required python-enum, but other packages required python-enum34. Eventually, I managed to work out that it was simple to port python-laditools to enum34, got it uploaded into Debian (thanks James Cowgill), got it synced to Ubuntu (thanks Artur Rona), and placed Gladish back on the Ubuntu Studio seeds.
  • Ubuntustudio-look – I discovered that I had made a mistake when merging in some changes to the plymouth-theme-ubuntustudio package by Didier Roche, and the icons for the animated splash screen had got left in their old directory. So we weren’t seeing the lovely animation when installing and starting Ubuntu Studio. This was repaired over several uploads by Kaj Ailomaa (thanks for Krytarik Raido for identifying my errors).

After encouragement from the Ubuntu Community Council to apply to become an Ubuntu Member (during the regular IRC meeting to check-up on Ubuntu Studio), I updated my Ubuntu wiki page and asked my Ubuntu Studio team members to endorse my page. After the 1604 release, I will follow through on this and apply.


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