Osmgpsmap stuck in unstable

Yesterday I learnt something about how packages migrate from Debian unstable (sid) to Debian testing. For a while now, osmgpsmap was not able to migrate to testing. On the Debian Package Tracking System (PTS) this reason was stated (amongst other repeat messages for the other architectures Debian supports):

out of date on i386: libosmgpsmap-1.0-dev (from 1.0.2-1); libosmgpsmap-dev, libosmgpsmap2, libosmgpsmap2-dbg, python-osmgpsmap (from 0.7.3-3)……….

I knew that this had something to do with the reverse dependencies, but after emailing the Debian Release Team, Niels Thykier kindly explained that the out of date binaries were being retained in unstable due to these reverse dependencies needing them. Also, the automatic transition detection had not picked up that a transition was occurring due to the fact that osmgpsmap had previously been removed from testing. What is needed is to “de-cruft”! In other words, these out of date binaries need to be removed from unstable manually.

This will break the reverse dependencies in unstable. But as two of them have been removed from testing anyway, and need to be re-uploaded after being fixed to work with the new osmgpsmap, this is not a big problem. The other remaining reverse dependency would be a problem however, if osmgpsmap migrated to testing. Subsurface lists osmgpsmap as a build-dependency. It would therefore fail to build with the new osmgpsmap once it reached testing. I already knew that subsurface no longer needed to depend on osmgpsmap, and because the maintainer seemed to be busy, I prepared a Non Maintainer Upload (NMU) for subsurface. This was sponsored very quickly by Tobias Frost (thanks Tobias).

So now we just wait for Subsurface to migrate to testing with this fix, and then I will contact the release team again to do the “de-cruft”!


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