1st Post on new Gammon ONS Blog

Hi. This is the first post on my new blog. It takes over from my old Google Blogger one (http://gammononenamestudy.blogspot.dk/). I hope that this one will be a bit more interactive, as I really want to get everyone with Gammon/Gamon/Gambon family connections involved in the study of the surname.

For the record, I am carrying out a One Name Study on the Gammon surname (which also covers the GAMMIN, GAMMAN, GAMMONS variations). So if you are researching your family history and you find one of these names (or one like it), then please get in touch and we can share what we know about that particular branch.

The study is being carried out according to the guidelines of the Guild of One Name Studies. You can read more about the Gammon study here (Guild Surname Profile Page), and also find out more about the guild.

As it is not always easy to find all of the documentary evidence to connect the various Gammon/Gamon/Gambon family trees together, I have also begun to use the latest scientific DNA tests. If you know of a living male with the Gammon/Gamon/Gambon or similar surname, then please encourage them to take a DNA test. It is painless and secure (or I wouldn’t have done it!). Please read more about the Gammon DNA Project here (FamilyTreeDNA Gammon Project).

3 thoughts on “1st Post on new Gammon ONS Blog

  1. Hi Ross, re my last post to you, not sure if I’ve been too confident and written somewhere that Christiana Gamon was definitely the daughter of Stephen Gamand from Stockbury as I DON’T have that evidence. There are various Gamands (unusual spelling?) in Stockbury at the right time to be Christiana’s parents and she was married in Borden which is very near to Stockbury but I don’t have the evidence yet. Visiting Kent next week and hope to check them all out in the Stockbury/Borden etc parish registers. Good luck with your new web-site. Will you be collecting all your other web-sites into this one now?


    • Thanks for the note on a lack of evidence. It is important to record these as you look for more evidence to prove it.
      Yes, although it is a slow process, I plan to transfer everything from the old website, my paper files, and all those other half-done ones that are lying around or just exist in emails. Good luck in Kent. Let us know how you get on.


      • Just a further note for Jenny. I have searched through all my records for information on Christiana GAMON and also cannot find anything definite. I would really like to see the parish register entry for Thomas and Christiana’s marrage in Borden, Kent to see if there are some clues to where Christiana comes from, or who here parents were. For now, I have added a new “Unlinked” page on the main website where the marriage is recorded (http://gammon.one-name.net/node/23). Also, if we are lucky, someone with more information will spot it and get in touch.


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